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 Post subject: Boracay Airport Security Fallacy
PostPosted: Sun Apr 10, 2016 9:05 pm 

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If you are as frustrated as I am at some of the measures airport security people will go to, to "protect" travelers, then you will understand why the following item shows just how insecure Boracay Airport security can be.

Three weeks ago I arrived at Boracay Airport (actually Caticlan Airport) to depart to Manila. I had two bags with me, one of which contained a laptop computer, smartphone ("smart" = euphemism) and a cigarette lighter.

At the first of two security checks, with big x-ray machines and walk through detectors, there are signs saying deposit all electronic items in the tray (along with watches, jewellery, belts etc.). I have done so many airports that I did not quite see the need to remove laptop from bag, so left it in place. Security stopped me and asked me if I had a cigarette lighter in my bag. Yep! I forgot. I retrieved the cigarette lighter and was waved through. However, while retrieving the cigarette lighter I discovered I actually had two such items in the bag. The cigarette lighter I produced for inspection was summarily confiscated. Fair deal. Laptop and smartphone were not a problem.

After check-in there was a second x-ray machine and walk through - why? the gods know the answer to this. This time they found the laptop computer and asked me to remove it from the bag and scan it separately. Heaven knows why as the smartphone in the same bag was more powerful than the laptop in any event.

Oh! and I had to remove my belt this time - a leather belt with a conventional buckle, which could not contain anything usefully explosive or flammable if it tried. I complied with irritation. But the second cigarette lighter passed without notice! Der . . . .

Two days ago I did the same trip through Boracay Airport security - I am a yacht charter captain from time to time and this was the second charter trip to Boracay within three weeks.

This time I had to remove the laptop at the first x-ray and at the second. I had to remove my belt at the first walk through but the coins in my pockets did not cause a problem.

At the second walk through the coins were identified as a problem but the belt was not!

My question is, how many people pass through these inadequate security checks with two cigarette lighters, laptops, belts and coins without being stopped simply because the first item identified is the one that is perceived to be the problem?

I assume the people problem identified above is aimed to capture MOST of the would-be in-flight terrorists who look extraordinarily like yacht charter captains. My understanding is that a terrorist only has to be successful once but the above shows that they could be successful more than once on just two separate flights.

It is my conclusion that the perception of security at Boracay Airport does nothing but inconvenience passengers because the equipment and personnel are inadequate.

If the equipment employed was adequate then the inconvenience could be reduced significantly and the protection against terrorism could increased a thousand fold.

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