General Enquiries

For general enquiries about the services we offer, please use this link to email us: Email MyCam Asia

Linking An IP Camera / Webcam

Linking an IP Camera / webcam to MyCam Asia is easy. MyCam Asia has the capacity for linking an IP Camera / webcam from every travel destination in Asia, to display each camera image on a customised webpage, with all of the standard functionality and additions listed here:
  • store one-year of images
  • view historic images on demand
  • email webcam image to a friend
  • how to get to here
  • entertainment near here
  • where to dine near here
  • property for sale near here
  • events near here

You can't get more functionality by linking an IP Camera / webcam anywhere else.

Are you interested to promote your location by installing and linking an IP Camera / webcam?.

Got an camera already but it's not generating the exposure your enterprise deserves? Linking an IP Camera / webcam that is already in service is possible too, tell us where you are located.

Website Advertising Solutions

Our Website Advertising Solutions provide a range of pay per click /display /month advertising packages on one or more webpages. Advertising near a MyCam Asia IP Camera / webcam guarantees your reach into a highly targeted and motivated audience. Find out more about our Website Advertising Solutions.

Security Surveillance Solutions

MyCam Asia also provides premises security surveillance solutions using the latest IP Camera / webcam technology so that when you are away from your business you can be sure that someone is not stealing the farm. Similar to our traditional, promotional IP Camera / webcam service, security surveillance solutions employ the same technology to capture, store and playback on demand the images from cameras located in and around your premises. The difference is that our security surveillance solutions provide you with personal password protected access. Employing the MyCam Asia security surveillance solutions service will usually have an immediate effect in reducing petty theft and pilferage. Please send us an email for more about security surveillance solutions.

Become a Distributor Partner

MyCam Asia is looking for a Distributor Partner in various Asian countries to become part of the MyCam Asia enterprise family. If you want to become a Distributor Partner or build a micro-tourism business based on IP Camera / webcam and website advertising technology, then please use this link to email us directly: Distributor Partner request.

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