Website Advertising Solutions

MyCam Asia delivers Website Advertising Solutions so that you reach the audience you want, cost effectively and without wastage.

Website Advertising Solutions technology takes the guess work out of finding a website advertising channel. We have programmed the website to recognise the country of origin of every unique website visitor so that you can target the tourists you want to reach. By using this information in real-time we can deliver your focused website advertisement directly to the tourists with the highest motivation to take action and click-through to your own website and promotions page.

Website Advertising Solutions can put you in direct contact with three key groups of mobile, moneyed, motivated tourists:

1) If your target market is outbound tourists from or inbound tourists to a specific city/country then Website Advertising Solutions will reach them for you.

2) Every page of the website focuses on a tourist destination that is popular for specific sports and or activities, Website Advertising Solutions guarantees your advertisement will appear on the pages most popular with your target customer.

3) If your target customer market is tourists to specific destinations then Website Advertising Solutions will reach them for you. Every time a website visitor emails an image of a MyCam Asia destination to a friend, Website Advertising Solutions will send your website advertisement to a pre-qualified group of tourists, interested in that destination.

For as little as US30ยข pay per click or US$30 monthly you can get your message in front of your target website audience, guaranteed.

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