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Philippines travel: the tropical islands paradise webcam travel guide covers the Philippine archipelago. The Philippines is made up of: 7107 tropical islands, 28,241 beaches, mountain ranges that reach to almost 10,000 feet and a biodiversity that includes more than 13,500 plant species, almost 600 species of birds and 500 animal species. The Philippine population of 90+ million people is an eclectic mix of Philippine, Malay, Chinese, Spanish and Western cultures and includes 89 indigenous peoples groups, making the Philippines one of the most diverse and colourful tropical islands cultures in the World today.
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Philippines travel delivers a visual feast of rugged mountain ranges rising from azure tropical waters and long, beautiful sandy beaches that range in texture and colour from gritty black and gold to fine, white powder; cascading waterfalls and wide, winding rivers; verdant tropical rain forest and swaying coconut palms; dormant and active volcanoes, vast volcanic lakes and pristine clusters of coral atolls and tropical islands. The only thing the Philippines lacks is snow.
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In the category best resorts Philippines there is a myriad offering of tropical beach resorts, luxury resort hotels and activities, catering to all budgets (from $5 - $5,000 per night) and offering excellent value for money. Most holiday destinations in the Philippines offer a wide variety of sports and activities. Philippines travel includes popular sports and waterpsorts: golf, tennis, snorkelling, scuba diving, sailing, windsurfing and kiteboarding, surfing, game fishing, kayaking, banana boating and para sailing. Niche market holiday destinations in the Philippines travel market offer: ballooning and adventure sports such as paragliding and hang gliding, mountaineering, caving, spelunking, trekking, white-water river rafting, wakeboarding, dragon boat racing, snorkelling with whale sharks, plus health spa and nature retreats, shopping, culinary and cultural tours, motor racing and a rapidly expanding medical tourism industry.
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Some of the most popular activities & holiday destinations the Philippines travel menu are: walking the rice terraces in Banaue; trekking the active Mt. Pinatubo and Mt. Mayon volcanoes; partying and chilling on the world famous white sand beaches of Boracay Island; kayaking the underground river in Palawan; scuba diving the WWII wrecks of Coron; snorkelling, scuba diving and exploring the hundreds of coral islands of the Visayas group; scuba diving, sailing and windsurfing the renowned waters of Puerto Galera; exploring the historic streets of Vigan City and Manila's Intramurous; shopping for antiques and handicrafts; and, discovering bargains while enjoying the many culinary delights of the Philippines almost everywhere.
For most visitors, Philippines travel is easy as most Filipinos speak a basic English plus their native Tagalog. In many areas Japanese and Chinese is also spoken, and in some of the popular beach resorts areas there are also Korean speaking staff. Foreign exchange services are easy to find in almost every town and at most popular beach resorts areas. Most tropical beach resorts and luxury resort hotels will accept payment in major foreign currencies, credit cards work in the cities and larger towns, but best to leave credit cards in the safety deposit box when visiting most remote areas.

What is Inexpensive?

What is inexpensive in Philippines travel: water sports (scuba diving, windsurfing, kayaking, yachting, wakeboarding, game fishing, para sailing, learning to sail, surfing), golf, public transportation, most beach resorts, entertainment, food (especially exotic fruits and seafood), alcoholic beverages and drinks, clothes (not that you will need many), antiques and handicrafts, gold and many handmade jewelry items.

What is Expensive?

What is expensive in Philippines travel: cameras, electronics and most imported, international branded goods. Although, it these are not as expensive as they used to be.

A Tropical Islands Paradise Destination That Delivers

As a tropical islands paradise destination, whether it is holiday packages Philippines or vacations Philippines that gets you here - for sports, water sports, shopping, relaxation, discovery - the people and diverse culture of the Philippines delivers, and the rugged beauty of its many landscapes, will leave a lasting impression that will make you want to return to this tropical islands paradise again and again. Philippines travel offers exceptional value and a World of unforgetable memories to take away.
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